Kim Bellisimo - Energy Coach and Teacher, Spontaneous Creation M.A.

Kim has the incredible ability to uncover the energy that is holding you back and clear the way to

become fully aligned with your authentic self. She opens the wisdom of your heart to fully understand

the experience behind it all and then empowers you with intelligent solutions and a deeper process to take charge and fulfill the greatest desire.

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Spontaneous Creation


I was sitting in my garden one afternoon when I spontaneously started popping. Thus began my inquiry into a new process of spontaneous creation- a process that I discovered by going to the garden within. By opening up the wisdom of the heart, I experienced a new reality and an evolutionary jump.

The process I call “popping” is where the spontaneous shift happens. Through it we can open up the wisdom of the heart to reveal a new reality and create from a greater whole.

When we create from the mind, we’re limited to a linear process and a set of directions. When we create from the heart, instantaneous shifts occur as a result of our being in a state of what we aspire to be. Through the process of “popping” we can create connections to a new reality. These connections can be activated and create a network which explodes outward from the heart in every direction. When we create from the wisdom of our hearts, we embark on a new playing field, and the game we pursue is a love affair with life.

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